Special Activities 





Confucian forum
Through the forum form, mining and carry forward Confucius Confucian culture.
In 2011 the Confucian forum was interviewed by " the feihong tea" what is foshan television talk shows, invite Hong Kong Confucian dean of college TangEnJia, province famous education experts TianZongHui, AnWenJiang, DuXiuFang thoroughly discusses Confucian thoughts into primary and middle school students moral education the necessity.





Confucian cultural activities
The Confucian cultural activities will use the hole ShengYuan own superior environmental conditions, the hole ShengYuan make become south China Confucian culture features of tourism scenic spots.
2011 National Day, hole ShengYuan held "the first Confucian cultural activities", the whole culture week to form of temple fair, through mass celebrations in parks, interactive, performance, performance of the Chinese traditional culture essence. 




Ancient music han performance
Ancient music performance
On the third floor of the Hole ShengYuan ChongSheng shrine , there are performances Every day . drinking a cup of green tea, listen to the guzheng, ancient chimes, ancient stone-chime, this is what enjoy.
Han-dynasty-style robes performance
Every holiday, hole ShengYuan will held the traditional Han-dynasty-style robes show, let visitors know China traditional culture.



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