Crocodile Lake 







Crocodile Lake is the first development project in Forest park, covers an area of 0.13 km2. It prepared the construction planning in early 1993 and imported the crocodiles from Thailand for three times.


Estuarine crocodile from Thailand is distributed mainly over Southeast Asian such as Thailand. It is the fierce reptiles and world protected animals. Estuarine crocodile eat carnivores mainly; there general life is about 50 years or more. By the time of feeding 8 to 10 years in the south, estuarine crocodile will become species crocodile that used for pharmacy and food, even for leader. There are about more than one hundred estuarine crocodiles in this lake. The largest one measure about 4 meters long and weight over 350 kilograms. In Crocodile Lake, it includes a crocodile exhibition area, playground and fishpond. Apart from crocodiles, there have peacock, monkey, emus and pigeon. 



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