First writing ceremony 




by theConfucius age of warring states  , First writing ceremony is to the children to read  enlightenment education form, commonly known as "enlightenment" . In south China ,Sanshui forest park hole ShengYuan is the largest Confucius temple, with forest park excellent hardware facilities and years of First writing ceremony experience, the traditional First writing ceremony and modern education idea organic combination, and formed a unique style of first writing ceremony. 
First writing ceremony program:
(a) hole ShengYuan square concentration (replacement Doctor suit, according to dr suit occasion).
(2) "the universe step", leading by two children, carrying big writing brush (1.2 meters high, diameter 10 cm) to Confucius statue as before start on first writing ceremony ceremony.
(3) "number one scholar on bridge ", by association rite member leading, rank. follow the  bridge on both sides of the into the almond altar. present a bouquet to Confucius statue.
(4) in the audience hall pay respects to Confucius statue and seventy-two disciple,and present a bouquet.
(5) replace Han-dynasty-style robes.
(6) "Begin to understand" the kids to the auditorium seating: 1, to read the new prblic places "(each desktop placed the new prblic places" antique bamboo a); 2, explain such a allusions, 3, " First writing ceremony " every child teacher led by First writing ceremony book "; 4, " Begin to understand",  teacher spread vermilion on children's head.
(7) According to personal phase befor almond altar.
(8) multiple star floor (knock intelligence bell)
(9) in the wedding hall watching educational instructional film.
(10) first writing ceremony ended, free activities.
(issue gifts, collective get on the car, arrange meal. After lunch, browse forest park other attractions)
Note: the first writing ceremony program according to the actual situation to adjust the first writing ceremony.


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