Confucius’ Park 




Confucius was the founder of the Chinese culture and Confucianism was a wise philosopher and educator who had made great contribution of cultural development for China even for the world. During the years of JiaJing in Ming Dynasty, Sanshui build a memorial temple for Confucius in the old town and build with the colleges at that time, so it named as Sanshui Academy which was a public place for holy sacrificial, study and tourism. Unfortunately, it was destroyed and all gone by Anti-Japanese War. In 1994, under the propose by the president of the Confucian college in Hong Kong and Mr. Enjia Tang, decided to rebuild the Confucius’ Park in Forest Park. It used 3 years and cost more than 50 million Yuan for rebuild. A magnificent building in forest park called Confucius’ Park which completed in 1997. 



Confucius’s Park covers an area of more than 0.2 km2, is the largest education base of Confucianism and Chinese traditional culture in South China. It is composed by Lingxing door, Dacheng door, wedding hall, teacher hall, Dacheng hall, Chongsheng shrine, Juxing pavilion and so on. All these buildings are near the mountain and with the clever layout which means promoting to a higher position in Chinese. The buildings in the Confucius’ park is filled with ancient architecture style which is followed the temple of Confucius in Qufu (a city in Shandong province), perfectly showed the excellent artistic level in building structure and Confucian culture.


Wedding hall is used to display the graphs of 24 Filial Piety deeds of ancients that educated people to respect for elders. Teacher hall is used to display the graphs of the students who hard for study in the ancient and modern that to encourage students to study diligently. Dacheng hall sacrificed the statues for Confucius and his seventy-two apprentices that are approximate reality. It just likes a class right before your eyes and listen the lecture from Confucius when you stand in this hall. Besides, Juxing pavilion will have chimes performance and tea ceremony. The guests can enjoy the chimes music with tea and enjoy the scenery in the pavilion. In these places, the guests will comprehend the history of Confucius and feeling the Confucian culture and then starting your journey for knowing the history in China. 


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